[lug] Meeting space

Chris Riddoch chris-blug at syntacticsugar.org
Fri Jul 2 14:33:11 MDT 2004

Yes, it's a little silly to reply to myself, but here's what I've
found out about library branches in Boulder:

We can reserve the meeting room in (at least) the George Reynolds
branch of the Boulder Public Library, for up to two meetings, but it's
first-come, first-served.  We can re-reserve space for the next two
meetings on the day of the second meeting, but lots of other groups
use the space and the most common meeting times -- Tuesday, Wednesday,
and Thursday evenings -- go pretty quickly.

I asked the librarian about the chances of being able to do a
regularly scheduled meeting on the second Thursday of each month, and
the response I got was a vague, "I wouldn't count on it."

It's the same policy at the main library branch at Arapahoe and
Broadway, but much, much harder to get the space.  So that's out.

Someone at Hacking Society last night (sorry, I forget who) had
suggested that there's space we could use near Interlocken, but in my
personal (and potentially overrulable, really) opinion, that's
decidedly Not Boulder.  While moving away from Boulder would make it
easier for some people, it would make it harder for others, and then
it just wouldn't really be BLUG.

epistemological humility
   - Chris Riddoch -

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