[lug] Semi OT: HSI and Hosting

Zichary O`Tea zirotea at cyberspace.org
Thu Jul 8 16:26:52 MDT 2004

Hey BLUG, 

I know this kind of question comes up a lot. So, sorry for the redundancy  
But, very specifically, I'm looking to do some fairly serious webhosting
at my place (in boulder).  Nothing illegal, but I'm reluctant to use a
commerical web-host because I'll be servering many hundreds of gigs of

I'm wondering, sort of ordering a T1, what combination of DSL/ISP or
ComCast package people would recommend for something like this?  I.E. very
fast upstream, and no contract problems with IMAP, STMP, HTTP, FTP,
DNS, etc?

- ZT  

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