[lug] RE: Fedora FC2 + Cisco VPN Client

Tony Dyson anorak at comcast.net
Thu Jul 8 23:15:24 MDT 2004

If you're bored & have lots of time to kill, you could try to navigate 
Cisco's (probably not Jakob-Nielsen-approved) website.

Otherwise --


BTW, another thing to know about this s/ware is that the first time its 
run it it will compile some new files in the installer-directory. They 
were not replaced when I needed to run the installer again to match a 
new kernel. In future I'll simply nuke the entire directory & untar the 
distribution file again.

Andrew F. Gilmore wrote:
> On Mon, 2004-07-05 at 20:10, Brian Stiff wrote:
>>>I wonder why Cisco hide this s/ware; you'd think
>>>they'd want to encourage it's use.
>>Cisco makes the software freely available, but you
>>have to sign up for a user account on cisco.com and
>>answer a cryptographic software agreement.  Since the
>>software is capable of 3DES cryptography, the federal
>>gov't controls distribution.
> I have been unable to figure out where on cisco.com to do so. I
> registered for an account, but I do not see anywhere to download the
> client.
>>Cisco would *like* to see you use it, it means you're
>>connecting to a Cisco head-end VPN device.  :-)
> I'd like to, but...
> Andrew
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