[lug] Disable daylight savings time

Gary Hodges Gary.Hodges at noaa.gov
Sat Jul 10 10:10:55 MDT 2004

I'm not generating any respones to this on a Debian newsgroup, so I
thought I'd try here.  How can I disable daylight savings so the machine
always operates in standard time?  I figured this would be an easy
Google find, but it seems not.  

My problem is with the Pacific time zone.  I have some software that
offers multiple selections for all the other times zones I have
instruments in, one of which is always a place that doesn't follow
daylight savings, e.g., Arizona(-7) and Indiana (-5).  I only have one
choice for Pacific (-8), so all my data there are time stamped with
local daylight time.  Setting the machine to local standard time would
be an easy fix for me.


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