[lug] Dual Boot Redhat 8 / Redhat Enterprise

Gordon Golding gordongoldin at netscape.net
Mon Aug 23 12:23:13 MDT 2004

I sent this a week ago but never saw it come up.  (Netscape problems?)

We have old stuff on Redhat 8.
That doesn't support USB 2.0
We use USB 2.0 external harddrives and USB 2.0 DVD writer for backups.
To load or backup our software takes 6 hours over the network (4-5 gig).

The Servers arrive with Redhat Enterprise; we wipe and load Redhat 8.
Could I set it up to Dual Boot? And load Redhat 8.0 along with Enterprise?
Then bring it up on Enterprise, copy the software directly from the DVD or harddrive, then reboot to 8?

Am I mad?
Gordon Golding
Information Specialist
gordongoldin at netscape.net

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