[lug] Books for BLUG, affiliate options

Chris Riddoch chris-blug at syntacticsugar.org
Tue Aug 24 09:21:11 MDT 2004

Hi, folks.

I was just in contact with our representative with Pearson Education (Addison
Wesley, Prentice Hall, etc.) who just sent me a few more books, and said to
harangue everyone for more reviews.  She also said that we should consider
their affiliate program, which is designed to give LUGs money and book buyers

I'd like to remind everyone that I don't like the idea of handling money on
behalf of the LUG.  We're not organized in any commercial or non-commercial
way, and have no legal status whatsoever.  I pass up most opportunities that
promise to give BLUG any money at all, since there are usually strings

It turns out that this affiliate program gives us a few options, though.  It
sounds like it's set up in a sliding scale, with the proportion of money
discounted to users balanced against the proportion of money given back to

I'd like to know how people would feel about getting a discount on books, in
exchange for having a link from our site to Pearson's, and no money going to
BLUG's non-existent treasury?  We could possibly get similar deals with other
publishers, so we wouldn't look like we're favoring any publisher over
another, if that's a concern.


epistemological humility
  -  Chris Riddoch  -

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