[lug] Apache segfault

Jeff Schroeder jeff at neobox.net
Thu Aug 26 16:18:11 MDT 2004

Evelyn wrote:

> > I've been having issues with Apache+PHP crashing on certain pages
> > of a web app I wrote.  The Apache error log reports:
> Was it working before?
> What have you changed in your app since then?

I didn't change the app at all.  I upgraded PHP from 4.3.8 to 5.0.1.  
When it broke, I figured it was no sweat; I'd just downgrade back to 
4.3.8.  However, it continued to crash.  For grins I recompiled Apache, 
PHP, and mod_perl.  No change.

Admittedly, the app might have been broken for a while-- I haven't 
messed with it, and suddenly a client wanted me to upgrade some parts 
of it.  Naturally that's when things go bad, right? ;)

Thanks anyway...


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