[lug] server memory woes (3rd attempt!)

John Hernandez John.Hernandez at noaa.gov
Thu Aug 26 16:49:53 MDT 2004

Michael Belanger wrote:
> Greetings everyone.
> I have this new email/dns/dhcpd/nfs/jabber 
> (WayToManyCriticalThingsForOneMachine) server that has 3 gigs of RAM and 
> dual AMD Opteron processors.
> It stops responding to requests periodically (once a week or so).
> First, I suspected that the firewall was not allowing AMANDA to do its 
> thing (usually stops responding at night during the backups), but it has 
> still behaved the same -- even after opening up the firewall completely 
> for the amanda server.
> I have noticed that after a reboot it has approx 2.4 Gigs of RAM 
> available but goes down gradually to around 250 Megs available by the 
> next day.

Depending what tools you're using to monitor available memory, this is 
probably just normal behavior.  The kernel will generally suck up 
physical memory for things like file caching, etc.

> I tried restarting  the usual suspects like NFS and SAMBA, but the RAM 
> usage doesn't seem to recover.  Something is not freeing up Memory.

Again, probably nothing alarming (for the reasons stated above).

> Other things I haven't tried restarting that could be responsible are 
> dhcpd, IMAP, and spamd.
> Is there any way to effectively track that down or am I doomed to reboot 
> the server every day or so?

Does it hang hard, meaning you need to press the reset button to reboot? 
  If so, it sounds like a hardware problem.  Try running memtest86 from 
the bootloader.  Be forewarned - it takes a while to run.

> The server is running Redhat 3.0 AS Release 3 x86_64 and is up to date 
> with all the redhat updates.  All applications -- except AMANDA and 
> Jabber are just the Redhat Distro RPMs.
> Thanks for helping!
> -M


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