[lug] server memory woes (3rd attempt!)

Michael Belanger mrb at ciclops.org
Thu Aug 26 17:04:16 MDT 2004


Kevin Fenzi wrote:
> Anything on the console or in the logs when it stops responding?

Nothing very helpful.  Normally it is a blank screen, but I had since 
started pumping kernel messages to the console.  This last hang had an 
iptables LOG message of a denied ntp request.

> How are you determining the amount of ram available... 
> on a normal linux box the amount of memory "free" reported by "free"
> should go down to a very small amount. Linux uses memory for caching
> files, buffering and running applications. I think they should rename
> that field "wasted". You want some around to handle new requests, but
> you want as much as possible being used to make your box faster. ;) 

That makes me feel a lot better.. Thanks for the insight.  I had always 
felt that the used memory should add up with the memory taken by the 
running processes.. If what you say is accurate, that isn't necessary a 
reliable deduction.

> Michael> The server is running Redhat 3.0 AS Release 3 x86_64 and is
> Michael> up to date with all the redhat updates.  All applications --
> Michael> except AMANDA and Jabber are just the Redhat Distro RPMs.
> You might open a support ticket with RedHat. Since you paid for the
> support, might as well use it. :) 

An excellent point. I will do that.

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