[lug] Aging Surge Protectors

Mr Viggy viggy at peakpeak.com
Fri Aug 27 17:31:47 MDT 2004

Like I said, some kind of filter!


MOV's are not that bad, for personal use (110V).  Actually, I thought 
they shunted the hot and neutral lines together (well, I guess neutral 
is ground).


Timothy Klein wrote:

> On Friday 27 August 2004 12:39, Mr Viggy wrote:
>>I'm not sure what high end units use, though.  In my applications,
>>I used MOV's across switches attached to steppers (needed to shunt
>>off the extra current when we swithced the stepper).  They probably
>>use some kind of filter
>>(just guessing here), similar to a UPS system.
> They use a capacitor bank to slowly bleed current back onto the mains, 
> if I remember right.  The MOVs use a massive shunt to ground, which 
> opens up different problems.
> Tim

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