[lug] Debian on a dual processor Xeon box

Jason Davis mohadib at openactive.org
Fri Sep 10 20:25:42 MDT 2004

> I just barely had this experience.  The recent Xeon's have 
> hyperthreading.  So the two show up as four.  In order to see per cpu 
> usage in top, you have to press the digit one after starting to flip 
> between a cumulative view and a per processor load view.  Use 'h' for 
> other keyboard shortcuts while in top.
> I believe that by virtue of running an smp kernel and that /proc/cpuinfo 
> shows the 4 processors means that linux is making use of them.
> Hugh

thanks Hugh. I also asked in #debian on freenode. I guess woody will
always show 1 cpu in top due to some limitation ...with something :p
I forgot... Anyway , its normal ...and that was enough answer for me :)

also.. the one cpu shown in top is a average of all *four* processors..
I could see this buy starting 4 processes each running at 99.99%. after
i started the first process the cpu was running at 25% ...after the
second 50% and so on..


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