[lug] Jafo's writeup on Spam filtering and BLUG archives

Michael J. Hammel mjhammel at graphics-muse.org
Sat Sep 11 10:54:59 MDT 2004

I *reeeeally* need to get a spam filter set up.  I've managed to live
without one for a long time, but I'm really tired of scanning all those
messages everyday for the one or two that have any real value.

Sean put up a really good write up recently on a web site about his
experiences with various filtering systems.  I think the message came
through the LUG.  But when I tried to access the September archives I
get strange errors - like the mime-type is forcing me to download the
page and then when it tries to download it the page isn't there.

Can someone point me to Sean's write up?  I think its in one of his
blogs on "codeslinger" or similar.
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