Adobe Acroread was Re: [lug] Realplayer10 for Linux is out

Evelyn Mitchell efm at
Mon Sep 13 15:06:19 MDT 2004

* On 2004-09-13 15:02 Ferdinand Schmid <fschmid at> wrote:
> HI,
> Now if only Adobe updated their reader.  I am getting plenty of warnings 
> about documents that I can't properly view because they contain features 
> that the old reader doesn't suport.

No kidding.

I'm tired of having to use Windows in order to be able to fill out pdf

I've put in a feature request to Adobe. Perhaps some more of you could do
as well.

I can't belive they support the latest version of Acroread on cell phones
(Symbian OS), but not Linux or Solaris.

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