[lug] Jafo's writeup on Spam filtering and BLUG archives

George Sexton gsexton at mhsoftware.com
Mon Sep 13 17:45:31 MDT 2004

I use bogofilter (http://bogofilter.sourceforge.net/), and it screens around
350 received spams down to about 3 per day, with 0 false positives.

My version of bogo filter is 10 months old. I mention this for two reasons.
One, is with rule based systems you have to constantly update. The second
reason is to show that it's pretty much a maintenance free system. The only
thing I have to do is move misfiled spams into a "Misfiled Spam" folder.
When performing initial training you do need a spam corpus of around a
thousand messages.

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> I *reeeeally* need to get a spam filter set up.  I've managed to live
> without one for a long time, but I'm really tired of scanning 
> all those
> messages everyday for the one or two that have any real value.
> Sean put up a really good write up recently on a web site about his
> experiences with various filtering systems.  I think the message came
> through the LUG.  But when I tried to access the September archives I
> get strange errors - like the mime-type is forcing me to download the
> page and then when it tries to download it the page isn't there.
> Can someone point me to Sean's write up?  I think its in one of his
> blogs on "codeslinger" or similar.
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