[lug] Source Code Pretty-fying

Matt Thompson thompsma at colorado.edu
Tue Sep 14 16:50:33 MDT 2004

OK, folks, this is a dumb question, but apparently I can't get Google to 
look for what I'm asking for.

I have some C code that has been hacked on by about 4-5 people. 
Apparently, each person had their own idea on what "tab" should do.  I 
say 3 spaces, another said 2 spaces, another said the hard \t.  So, when 
I open this code in VIM, I get code that is wacky-indented.  You know, 
some lines inside like 3 if's are underindented, etc.

Thus, I figured there has to be some utility that will resolve this and 
impose regular indenting.  Heck, there might be something for VIM, but I 
couldn't see it.  Any help?

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