[lug] Drawing a logo with circular text on Linux?

Zan Lynx zlynx at acm.org
Mon Sep 20 13:59:35 MDT 2004

On Mon, 2004-09-20 at 12:59, Matt Thompson wrote:
> > I have tried skencil (former sketch), and sodipodi (which is
> > segfaulting all the time on my machine (amd64)) fo far. Skencil was
> > close, but didn't handle TTF, and I didn't quite get how I could
> > adjust the placement of the text on path etc...
> Well, the only one left I can think of is inkscape, which is a fork(?)
> of sodipodi.  Unfortunately, it looks like Dag hasn't been able to get
> inkscape running on x86-64, so you might be out of luck (the log seems
> to indicate a missing sigc++ as a culprit).
> Skencil would have been my first recommendation because it can do it. 
> I'm sure TeX/LaTeX (via pstricks or the like) can easily do text on a
> curve, but TTF+LaTeX = "Matt goes crazy".  OpenOffice Draw can do this
> sort of think with fontwork, I think, but I don't have it on hand at the
> moment.
> The last is Scribus, which, when it's not crashing, can do wonders with
> text, including curving it.  I've just never been able to keep Scribus
> running for long enough to really use it:

A couple of comments on segfaults under 64-bit amd64 systems.  What I've
found in sodipodi and other Gnome/GTK programs is variable argument list
functions that are supposed to be NULL pointer terminated being 0
terminated instead.  I filed a bug report and patch with Gentoo about

This might be worth checking in Scribus as well, if you're seeing amd64
crashes in program code that works fine in x86.

Look in the Gnome/GTK library headers for functions defined with ...,
and check that their arguments are all properly typed.  The compiler
cannot typecast arguments in varargs calls since it doesn't know what
the arguments are supposed to be.

This is all assuming that you're interested in fixing the code
yourself.  At least with Sodipodi if you're seeing the bug I found (a
crash when inserting text), the fix should trickle down eventually.
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