[lug] Video changes in FC2? Maybe OpenOffice bug

Elyse M. Grasso emgrasso at data-raptors.com
Wed Sep 22 10:03:03 MDT 2004

I recently upgraded from KRUD FC 1 to KRUD FC 2.  There seems to be something 
odd going on with desktop sizes (I'm using KDE). 
When a window is maximized, it properly fills the screen, but its indicator 
does not fill the little desktop indicator. There is a narrow boundary 
showing on the left and a wider one on top. 

This is usually not a problem, but when I open the OpenOffice calc program, it 
opens at the upper left of the "desktop" which puts its title bar off the 
accessible screen, so it cannot be moved. (When maximized it correctly fills 
the visible screen, but returns to its annoying location when un-maximized.)

This did not happen in FC1, but FC2 include updates to OpenOffice, KDE and the 
change to X.org. (This is an improvement, however: the graphical logout 
hasn't hung since the upgrade.)

Is there a way to safely probe a laptop screen to find out its real 
formfactor, in case the current X settings are slightly off? Alternatively, 
is there a good way to yank the errant window down where it belongs?
Elyse Grasso

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