[lug] Video changes in FC2? Maybe OpenOffice bug

Kevin Fenzi kevin at scrye.com
Wed Sep 22 12:48:14 MDT 2004

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>>>>> "Elyse" == Elyse M Grasso <emgrasso at data-raptors.com> writes:

Elyse> I recently upgraded from KRUD FC 1 to KRUD FC 2.  There seems
Elyse> to be something odd going on with desktop sizes (I'm using
Elyse> KDE). When a window is maximized, it properly fills the screen,
Elyse> but its indicator does not fill the little desktop
Elyse> indicator. There is a narrow boundary showing on the left and a
Elyse> wider one on top.


Elyse> This is usually not a problem, but when I open the OpenOffice
Elyse> calc program, it opens at the upper left of the "desktop" which
Elyse> puts its title bar off the accessible screen, so it cannot be
Elyse> moved. (When maximized it correctly fills the visible screen,
Elyse> but returns to its annoying location when un-maximized.)

Elyse> This did not happen in FC1, but FC2 include updates to
Elyse> OpenOffice, KDE and the change to X.org. (This is an
Elyse> improvement, however: the graphical logout hasn't hung since
Elyse> the upgrade.)

Elyse> Is there a way to safely probe a laptop screen to find out its
Elyse> real formfactor, in case the current X settings are slightly
Elyse> off? Alternatively, is there a good way to yank the errant
Elyse> window down where it belongs?  -- Elyse Grasso

should show you the size of the current screen. 
xvidtune should let you see more details on it. 

You can move a window that doesn't have a titlebar on screen usually
by holding down the 'ALT' key and clicking on it and dragging it to
wherever you want to (while still holding down the alt key). 

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