[lug] Creating date variables in bash

Matt Thompson thompsma at colorado.edu
Tue Oct 12 11:12:55 MDT 2004

On Tue, 2004-10-12 at 10:47, Bill Thoen wrote:
> I can get today's date into a bash variable like so:
> D=$(date +%G%m%d)
> but how do I get the date for say, 7 days ago?
> I tried 'man date' but didn't see an option for doing date math.

> date -d "7 days ago"
Tue Oct  5 11:11:23 MDT 2004

Add your format string after it.  One of those useless things I learned
a long time ago..."1 week ago" works too.  You start playing around with
-d way too much after learning about it.


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