[lug] Wireless router question (OT)

Nate Duehr nate at natetech.com
Thu Nov 4 19:18:00 MST 2004

Stephen Queen wrote:

>We installed 3 wireless AP's on our Newmont Time Domain
>Eletromagnetic data collection system (NEWTEM). This
>instrument had some rarely encountered problems because it
>is made of 3 nodes. One node, the controller resides inside
>the cabin of a helicopter ( usually a Lama ). The second
>node, the receiver is suspended approx. 30 m below the
>helicopter, and the 3rd node, the transmitter is suspended
>30 m below that. This arrangement causes the antenna
>coupling to be constantly changing.
This may sound silly but 30m is well within Ethernet specs -- why not 
just run a cable between these three nodes?

Or is there a need for ground based stations to connect to each node? 

Well heck, that'd still be possible with a single AP, one machine acting 
as a router, and a cable to the other two.

Sounds over-engineered (or is that under-engineered) just from this 
description.  Certainly not as reliable as a simple cable.


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