[lug] Developer abuse

Terry Branaman t-branaman at comcast.net
Mon Nov 15 11:26:34 MST 2004

On Fri, 2004-11-12 at 17:07, Evelyn Mitchell wrote:
> I suspect the difficulty with estimation is the result of a whole
> collection of factors, from the customer's need to have a go/no go estimate
> before any work is done (which may be much easier to do in some fields of
> work than others... construction comes to mind) to the flexibility of
> software (can you change that.. yes), to the one-of-ness of a lot of
> software development (it's less like building construction than scientific
> research or management consulting).
Another problem (for developers) that I have run into is having
deadlines set by non-technical people, with no input from anybody
remotely involved in trying to meet that deadline.
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