[lug] OT: First numbers, then Linux!

P. Scott DeVos scott at savingtree.com
Mon Nov 15 15:01:45 MST 2004

> People are stupid.  As long as politicians can find utterly pointless
> things like this to occupy their time with, the masses will be
> convinced they're doing something.

Usually things like this are started by some class project to "learn how 
the legislative process works."  Some class, somewhere writes to their 
congresscritter about having a "National T-shirt day" or some other 
equally silly idea--the important thing being that it not cost a lot of 
money.  The congresscritter then pushes it through to pick up a few 
votes from the student's parents.  The upside for you and me is that a 
small amount of legislative session time is wasted that otherwise would 
be spent writing laws that actually affect us.

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