[lug] Developer abuse

Nate Duehr nate at natetech.com
Tue Nov 16 16:23:16 MST 2004

David Morris wrote:

>What has to change in the software industry is that
>management must see the people who work on software as
>Software Engineers (and all the word "Engineer" entails)
>rather than as programmers and hackers who produce code.
>With software so prevelant in everything, this will happen
>naturally, though the change is a slow process.
This particular change will also require that software "Engineers" be 
certified and tested on their knowledge of building software.  It cuts 
both ways.

That level of certification will force the industry into standards that 
require code re-use.  Meaning ultimately there will be less programming 
jobs, but a smaller number of more lucrative "Engineering" jobs.

"Programmers" resist this change.  Especially new programmers, because 
the schools and training facilities are not equipped to handle this 
change yet.


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