[lug] more RAID0 on /

Lee Woodworth blug-mail at duboulder.com
Sat Nov 20 12:17:44 MST 2004

D. Stimits wrote:
> Lee Woodworth wrote:


>> You didn't say whether you are unplugging the IDE drives when you are 
>> switching from IDE to SCSI mode. If the IDEs are still present, they 
>> could affect what is considered /dev/md0.
> The motherboard has integrated U160 SCSI and integrated IDE. All I do is 
> change the bios boot setting and it does the right thing. The first 
> stage of booting works fine, it reads /boot/ and the error message 
> properly names not being able to mount /dev/md0 via major 9, minor 0. 
This is the error from /boot/vmlinuz... which is using an initrd? I 
suspect that the md driver isn't in your kernel or hasn't been loaded 
from an initrd. I have a 2.6.8 kernel with the device-mapper compiled-in 
(CONFIG_BLK_DEV_MD=y, same flag for RAID Support) and the device 
/dev/md0 (aka /dev/md/0) exists even with no raid partitions.  When I 
mount /dev/md0 when there is no actual device, I get 'can't read 

> Anyway, when the BIOS is set to IDE the drive reported as boot by BIOS 
> is the IDE, and when it is set to SCSI, it is the SCSI...this system was 
> on SCSI for a long time till I ran out of drive and did the FC2 install 
> to IDE so I wouldn't lose what I had...then I copied over what needed to 
> be backed up to the IDE, and wiped the SCSI clean and have been 
> experimenting with RAID0 since then. Back when I did this with XFS 
> filesystem before the stock kernel supported it, I did this same thing 
> and I had kept the IDE install for a long time as a rescue disk
I have seen motherboard features that were turned off by the BIOS still 
being seen by later boot stages of the final OS (for example W2K/W2K3 
sees disabled scsi controllers). Are the IDE disks being detected before 
the kernel panic?

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