[lug] fluidsynth process problems with lck patchset

Garett Shulman shulmang at colorado.edu
Mon Dec 13 18:27:22 MST 2004

Hello, I recently setup a new 2.4.28 kernel with the lck patchset and am 
now having some strange issues with fluidsynth. If I just run it normaly 
it works fine. However, If I use an & after the command to background 
fluidsynth the process get emmediatly stopped (not killed, just 
stopped). I can start other programs in this way without issue 
(alsaplayer, and linuxsampler). Also, if I try to start fluidsynth from 
a shell script with the & after the command in the shell script 
fluidsynth appears to start but after it loads it seems to exit (or be 
killed). I can see a single fluidsynth process when I ps right after 
running the script, but after I see the fluidsynth initialization 
messages a "ps -A | grep fluid" shows nothing. If anyone has any ideas 
or suggestions as to ways I might trouble shoot this problem I would be 
very appreciative. Thanks. -Garett

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