[lug] Security Vulnerability Engineer

Brad Doctor bdoctor at ps-ax.com
Fri Dec 17 14:22:35 MST 2004


We are hiring for this position.  If you have some of the skills and are 
really willing to learn, please contact me.  If you are inquisitive and can
program/script in a language and really want to learn - please contact me.

We are a huge open source shop and employ a number of other cool technologies, 
including virtual machines, blade servers, etc.  We also develop and maintain 
our own distribution.

Great environment in a successful startup.

Send resumes to either myself (offlist obviously) or to 
careers at stillsecure.com.


Security Vulnerability Engineer 

Stillsecure seeks qualified candidates to augment our Security Alert Team.

Job requirements: 
The candidate must have demonstrated experience with various networking 
protocols and fundamental operating system and application development issues.
Specific experience with the following is mandatory:

- Vulnerability assessment tools such as Nessus, and related concepts
- UNIX-like operating systems (Linux), Windows operating systems
- Proficient scripting ability in a language such as Perl or Python
- Ability to understand C and C++ code and concepts
- Intrusion detection systems (IDS)

Desired Experience 

- Ability to develop network applications on a Linux platform is a plus
- Previous experience writing rules for various IDS systems
- Previous experience writing rules for various vulnerability assessment tools
- Previous experience using various scripting languages common in the Linux 

Responsibilities include: 

- Monitoring various sources for up-to-date information
- Identifying, analyzing, and creating signatures and checks for recent 
- Communicating and articulating recent vulnerabilities
- Creating proof of concept code as necessary
- Working in a lab environment consisting of multiple operating system flavors

Job location 

This position will be located at StillSecure's corporate office in Louisville,


Compensation will be commensurate with experience.
This is a full-time position.

Brad Doctor, CISSP

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