[lug] Mandrake 10.1 DHCP on cable

D. Stimits stimits at comcast.net
Wed Dec 22 10:37:08 MST 2004

Nate Duehr wrote:
> D. Stimits wrote:
>> I'm trying to help a relative install Mandrake 10.1 on his system (I 
>> wish it were KRUD or Fedora), and it appears that his network driver 
>> (it is integrated nVidia board ethernet) is working. It appears that 
>> we have an outgoing DHCP request (the cable modem sees it), but either 
>> no response is coming back or the response is "no way, go away", I'm 
>> not sure which (I think the firewall software *might* be correct but 
>> I'm not positive). This is on comcast locally. Can anyone give me some 
>> clues on Mandrake setup for use with comcast? I have no problems with 
>> KRUD/Fedora, but this Mandrake has different layout of files, and I'm 
>> not succeeding.
> Does Comcast still do that thing where the first MAC address they see 
> has to be used for all future machines?

They limit how many MAC's can appear in the cable modem, which deals 
with MAC's directly. They are able to configure (remotely) the cable 
modem to accept a certain number of MAC's. Rebooting the cable modem 
clears the current list but does not change the count limit. If the MAC 
shows up in the cable modem, it means it allowed it. In this case the 
MAC was showing up and there were no limits being hit.

> If you have a hub (not a switch) and another Linux machine or laptop 
> with tcpdump (or if you must... a Windows machine running Ethereal) you 
> can see what the response is from the DHCP server.

No laptops or 2nd machines available, and it runs on a switch. But to 
make a long story short, Mandrake 10.1 always failed, and installing 
Fedora Core 2 worked without a hitch and without fiddling. Mandrake is 
out, FC is in. Mandrake is doing something funky that messes up the DHCP.

D. Stimits, stimits AT comcast DOT net

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