[lug] Mandrake 10.1 DHCP on cable

D. Stimits stimits at comcast.net
Wed Dec 22 10:39:55 MST 2004

Dave Treece wrote:
>  Just a thought, and you might have tried this, but....
>    I had to reset my cable modem (read power cycle) after switching from my
> laptop (Windows 2K) back to my Linux system when the cable guys set me up at
> my new house.

This was a pre-existing installation (working one). Modem recycling has 
no effect. Switching from Mandrake to Fedora fixed all without messing 
with it more. It looks like there is some kind of DHCP setup bug in 
Mandrake, and without knowing more about how it works for that distro, 
it just isn't worth it to him to stick to Mandrake.

D. Stimits, stimits AT comcast DOT net

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