[lug] Good Book for Linux Beginners

Timothy Klein teece at silverklein.net
Wed Dec 29 15:07:50 MST 2004

On Dec 29, 2004, at 2:37 PM, Stephen Queen wrote:

> In the last couple of weeks, a number of people have asked
> me what a good book for Linux beginners might be. I have a
> number of books that I have come to rely on as references,
> but nothing I would recommend to a beginner. Does anyone
> have some suggestions?
> Stephen Queen

I am partial to _Running Linux_ by Welsh and Kaufman (the O'Reilly 
horse and rider book).  There is also a good book called _Think Unix_ 
(by somebody that starts with an 'L' but my copy was loaned out and 
never returned).  _Linux in a Nutshell_ by O'Reilly is also good (the 
horse book).  _Learning the Unix Operating System_ by Peek, Todino, and 
Strang is not bad either, for a very quick overview of things Unix, to 
get one going (another O'Reilly title, the owl book).

O'Reilly makes the only series of books that I will buy cold.  I avoid 
the big, fat, mostly-picture books with titles like _* Unleashed_ and 
_Using *, Special Ed._, etc. (I have a couple that I bought years ago 
when I knew nothing about Linux -- they are now door stops: awaiting 
the day I quit being lazy and donate them to some second-hand store, or 
give up and burn them).

New Riders makes good stuff, but I only have development titles from 

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