[lug] dns for non Internet visible network

Hugh Brown hugh at math.byu.edu
Fri Dec 31 11:55:59 MST 2004

What's the "best practice" for setting up dns for a group of systems
that aren't addressable from the Internet?  Do people use .dom endings
or do they just extend the domains that they own?

For example:

I have a lot of machines at home and I don't want to manage
the /etc/hosts file (or equivalent on other OSes) on all of them.  I'm
going to set up dns on one of the boxes and I'm wondering what the
preferred method is for domain naming esp. since this dns server won't
be accessible by any Internet hosts.

It seems like I could just call the domain myhomedomain.blah and set up
the forward and reverse zones for it (on a reserved non-routed ip
range).  It seems like I could also use one of the domains that I have
registered and do that.

Any experiences?


Hugh Brown <hugh at math.byu.edu>

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