[lug] dns for non Internet visible network

Jeff Schroeder jeff at neobox.net
Fri Dec 31 11:59:47 MST 2004

Hugh asked:

> What's the "best practice" for setting up dns for a group of systems
> that aren't addressable from the Internet?  Do people use .dom
> endings or do they just extend the domains that they own?

I suppose it depends on what you're doing with your "internal" domains.  
Personally, I set up dummy ".dev" domains for web projects I'm working 
on for clients, and simply change the TLD for each domain.  For 
example, if I'm working on a site that will be hosted at 
bigcompany.com, I set up bigcompany.dev internally for my development 
and testing.  In this way it's a little easier to ensure that the 
transition from development to production will go smoothly.

I have about 50 such sites, and find that it works quite well.  YMMV.


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