[lug] Re: dns for non-internet visible network

Alberto Squassabia asquassabia at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 1 16:13:21 MST 2005

My setup for a DNS server is with a
fantasy domain name.  The server's internal scope
covers all hosts on the private subnet,
but relays all other inquiries to my ISP's DNS server.
 Since all internal hosts on the private subnet are
NATted, there will never be a DNS inquiry coming from
outside for at least one reason: my firewall does not
allow it ;).  My static IP is assigned to the firewall
itself, which in turn works as the traffic cop
managing a couple of private subnets, one for the
trusted private subnet (i.e. and
another for the DMZ subnet.  The machine on the DMZ
doed not use the local DNS server, but always resolve
through the ISP.  So far this setup has worked as


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