[lug] OT: 2 macs and accessories for sale

Dan Julio djulio99 at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 31 11:15:04 MST 2005

Hey everybody,

I have the following stuff for sale.  I'm in Boulder. 
I'm posting here because I sold a machine years ago to
someone who wanted to run LinuxPPC as a test platform
for some software they developed.

Email or call me at 303-736-5668 if you are interested
or have questions.

Otherwise, excuse the interruption.

Cheers, Dan

Apple Macintosh Cube
  - 500 MHz G4 processor
  - Keyboard/mouse/power supply/USB speakers
  - 40 GB HDD
  - 768 MB RAM
  - CD/DVD drive
  - Fresh install of Mac OS X 10.3.7 (will finish
installation when I have new owner’s info)
  - Original CDs, documentation and packaging
  - Added Sonnet cooling fan with cool blue LEDs
Own a piece of history!  This machine is clean (I even
cleaned the keyboard) and in great condition with one
exception.  I blew out one of the two firewire ports
plugging in my iBook one day.  All other ports are
fully functional.  The machine has been incredibly

Price: $400

Power Computing PowerCenter 210 Desktop Computer
  - 210 MHz PPC 604e processor
  - 128 MB RAM
  - 4 GB Hard Drive
  - Dual SCSI Interfaces
  - Built-in ethernet
  - Built-in CD-ROM
  - 2 spare PCI slots

Includes the following hardware accessories:
  - Sony 17” Trinitron Multiscan 17sf monitor
  - MacAlly Dual-button ADB Mouse (w/ software loaded
to use 2nd button)
  - Full Apple ADB Keyboard
  - HP Deskjet 870Cse Inkjet Printer
  - External SCSI  enclosure with Yamaha CRW6416S
CD-RW (6x4x16x)
  - External SCSI enclosure with 2 GB HDD (perfect for
dual-booting LinuxPPC)
  - UMAX Astra  610s SCSI scanner 
  - Bootable SCSI Zip Drive (with 13 100 MB Zip disks)
  - Apple Powered External Speakers
  - Sophisticated Circuits smart Power Strip (allows
the Mac to turn on/off all peripherals)
  - Apple powered microphone
  - Momentum Power Port Juggler (turn 1 serial port
into 4)

Includes the following software (all freshly loaded on
a newly formated drive):
  - Mac OS 9.1
  - Microsoft Office 98
  - Appleworks 6.2.8 (Word Processor, Paint, Draw,
Spreadsheet, Database, Presentation)
  - Adaptec Toast 3.5.7 (write data or audio including
bit-accurate cd copies)
  - MacX (run X11)
  - Adobe PhotoDeluxe 1.1 (with scanner plug-in)
  - Netscape/Internet Explorer/Outlook Express
  - Scanning software

Everything is clean and in great condition with the
exception that the floppy doesn’t seem to work.   All
software and manuals are included.  Software that was
downloaded or on floppy has been copied to a CD for
backup purposes.  This would make a great additional
computer or linux/BSD platform (or dual-boot with
linux loaded on the external HDD).

Price: $200

Formac Devidion DVD Burner
   - Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-105
   - White Firewire enclosure
   - Power Supply, Documentation, Firewire cable
   - Works with Mac iDVD (with two little backdoor
enabling files)

Price: $100

Edirol UA-1D USB Audio Interface
   - Provides digital audio input and output through a
USB interface
   - S/PDIF optical and coaxial input and output
   - Digital Output: 48 kHz
   - Digital Input: 32/44.1/48 kHz
   - Supports Windows Me, 98, 2000 and XP; Mac OS 9,
   - All packaging, documentation, software and USB

Price: $35

Ascend Pipeline 75 ISDN Terminal Adapter/Router
   - Model P75-1UBRI (U-interface)
   - 10Base-T and Thich Ethernet interfaces
   - Serial Interface
   - Dual POTs ports (Plain Old Telephone)
   - Power Supply, cables and manuals
   - Includes APC ISDN Surge protector

Price: $25

Viking RG-10 Ring Booster
   - This device amplifies the ring voltage on a phone
   - Useful when driving a house-full of phones from a
modem or other low-power device

Price: $25

Belkin Model F5U103 USB Serial Adapter
   - Allows Windows 98, 2000 or XP to support a serial
port over a USB interface
   - All packaigng, documentation and USB cable
Price $10

Farallon EtherMac iPrint Adapter LT
   - Allows translation between a ethernet-based
Appletalk and the original PhoneNET (telephone cord)
based Appletalk network
   - Lets your ethernet based Mac talk to your old
Appletalk printer
   - Includes cables and power supply

Price: $5

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