[lug] Cisco VPN

Michael Hirsch mhirsch at nubridges.com
Thu Feb 3 09:33:47 MST 2005

The Cisco client has worked pretty well for me.  I did often have DNS
issues, so I usually had to go by IP address.  Our IT group never cared
enough about Linux to figure out what went wrong.

The only other trouble I had was finding the updated client for the 2.6
kernel.  It was hidden on the website pretty well.  But if you're still
using RH 8, that might not be a problem for you.


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> One of the sites which I need to connect to has declared that we need
> use a Cisco VPN (I'm waiting for details).
> They are pure MS, have no Linux expertise.  But they said "No problem,
> it's  a breeze putting the Cisco VPN on a Redhat 8 machine."
> Anybody have any experience with running over VPNs?  Where should I
> worrying?
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