[lug] Cisco VPN

Brian Stiff bstiff929 at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 3 22:30:11 MST 2005

> Cisco does put out a software VPN client to connect
> to their stuff.  I
> used it about two years ago with one of their
> firewalls and it worked
> fine.  The only cautions are that you need to be
> root to run it and that
> it locks down all other network connections while
> you use it (so that you
> can't bridge the VPN and your home network).  

The access to the local LAN depends on the security
policy configured on the VPN head-end.  If they only
want to tunnel access to their private LAN, you will
be able to get to access your LAN and the rest of the
Internet without getting sent through the tunnel.

Someone else mentioned DNS problems.  If DNS
redirection is configured properly, you shouldn't have
too much trouble.  This allows all of your DNS queries
to get sent to the DNS server at the concentrator
site, so you can resolve private hostnames on their


> I would guess that they have
> done a reasonable job of keeping the client current
> on linux.
> Hugh
> On Wed, 2 Feb 2005, Gordon Golding wrote:
> > One of the sites which I need to connect to has
> declared that we need to use a Cisco VPN (I'm
> waiting for details).
> >

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