[lug] Linux Compatible Webcam

Michael Butterfield mblug at SedaliaComputer.com
Fri Feb 4 11:00:38 MST 2005

At my previous job we used one of the NetCam cameras-  
http://www.stardot-tech.com/netcam/ . It is probably over-kill for what 
you want to do, but they work great when you don't have a computer to 
plug the camera into as they have an embedded linux OS and built in web 
server. They're fun to mess around with, although a bit expensive. We 
had one remotely deployed and hooked up to a wireless antenna on top of 
a building, (had power there at least).

Ed's idea seems like the way to go if you have the right camera. I wish 
that my digital camera was supported by gphoto, as it is I can only 
mount it as a removable disk. It's an Olympus D-380, a cheap old camera, 
I've regretted not checking gphoto's camera list prior to purchasing.

Michael Butterfield

Stephen Queen wrote:

>I would like to keep an eye on my back field with a
>webcam.(This is for keeping an eye on the stock.)
>I would use a window in my computer room for the webcam to
>look out, so it need not be weather proof or wireless. I
>tried it with my present webcam, a Logitech
>Quickcam Express. Looking out into the daylight, it is
>completely white. Plus it is old enough, that if it did
>work, the resolution is so poor, I probably wouldn't
>recognize the horses from the cows.
>Does anyone have a suggestion for a webcam that is linux
>compatible, can be used in broad daylight, and has
>reasonable resolution?
>Stephen Queen
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