[lug] Re: Samba mounting issues - solved

Ferdinand Schmid fschmid at archenergy.com
Fri Feb 4 14:03:36 MST 2005


As it happens so many times - after posting my query I found an answer:

mount.cifs uses the same options etc. as smbmount - but it works properly on 
2.6 kernels.  

This is what I needed - sorry for causing noise on the list.


On Friday 04 February 2005 12:31, you wrote:
> HI,
> For the past few days I have been struggling with Samba 3.0's smbmount
> command.  Here is my problem:
> I have a server that exports a large file system via samba for Windows
> clients.  We have some software that resides on Linux machines for
> executing simulations.  These Linux crunchers should also mount the samba
> share.  The reason to not use nfs is that the simulation software converts
> all file and path names to lower case - and since it is binary distributed
> commercial software I can't change that.
> My crunchers can properly access the samba share using konqueror using
> smb://server/share urls.  However, I cannot mount the samba share using
> smbmount.  The mounting process hangs (times out).  Here are some syslog
> entries:
> kernel: smb_add_request: request [000001000006edc0, mid=0] timed out!
> I also get a warning that the smbfs kernel module is not supported by SuSE
> - but the module loads properly.  The problem is consistent between 64bit
> and 32bit systems.  Kernel is 2.6.8-24.11 (current SuSE) and Samba versions
> samba-3.0.9-2.3 and samba-client-3.0.11rc1-0.1 were tested.
> The samba web site states that the smbfs kernel module is deprecated and
> cifsfs should be used - but I did not find much documentation on how to do
> this.  Apparently smbmount still uses the smbfs km to do its job - and it
> now fails consistently on all of my 2.6 kernel based systems.
> If I could mount file systems using nfs case insensitive then I would also
> be happy for now.  However, all of the case insensitive nfs stuff appears
> to relate to Microsoft services for Unix, Sun's equivalent, ...  It is of
> no use to me.
> Any help or ideas are much appreciated,
> Ferdinand

Ferdinand Schmid
Architectural Energy Corporation
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