[lug] Dells, Linux and SATA drives

Gordon Golding gordongoldin at netscape.net
Fri Feb 4 16:02:37 MST 2005

I've had problems now with BIOS settings on 3 DELLS with SATA drives.
Hopefully I can save somebody else a little grief.

DELL swore that new motherboards come with Factory Default of SATA - Not true.  I got a new motherboard and the thing wouldn't Boot.  The Default was not SATA.

2 other machines - Look at the settings, it says it sensed a SATA drive 0, the settings for "handling the drives" was "RAID if Indexed, otherwise SATA".
On boot, it listed IDE stuff, then the 3 IDE devices, then (something like):
ide0 <address>/<address> ATA  irq 14
and FROZE.
I had to set it to "combination" to make it see the drive.
Gordon Golding
aka Golding the Younger DH70
gordongoldin at netscape.net

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