[lug] debian and sysV init scripts

David Anselmi anselmi at anselmi.us
Tue Mar 29 20:28:17 MST 2005

Hugh Brown wrote:
> I've tried to get update-rc.d to play nice, but it refuses to do
> anything to the run level links when they  already exist.  According to
> the man page for update-rc.d, this is by design.

Seems like it is intended to be run by install scripts, rather than by 
an admin.

> Is there another tool to allow the manipulation of the links all at
> once or do I need to just accept that on debian I'll need to use rm
> and ln to customize run level startup once a package is installed?

The chckconfig source seems to be designed for building a .deb, though I 
don't see any handy.  You can use ksysv, if you want a GUI.

But you don't need rm and ln, just mv is sufficent.  It would seem 
pretty easy to script what you want--I wonder why chkconfig is C and has 
so many files (maybe just an easy to use interface, I guess).


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