[lug] Another sed question.

David Anselmi anselmi at anselmi.us
Thu Mar 31 17:44:25 MST 2005

Jeff Schroeder wrote:
> Shannon asked:
>>I would like to locate a string of characters in a file, and delete
>>the entire line that contains that string.

Do you have any books on the shell or Unix?  That's a pretty basic 
question.  There are alos many tutorials on the web, and even this book:


That has chapters on regexs, sed, and a bunch of other stuff you might 
find useful.  You'd be much better off reading a book about the shell or 
sed (or even vi, which can do this as well) than asking your questions 
one by one here.  In reading you'll pick up the answers to your next 3 
questions while looking up the first.

> Rather than using sed, I'd use grep:

Rather than grep, if you want the results in the same file, I'd use perl:

perl -line '/match/ or print' file

vi might be a good choice to get the results in the same file, since you 
might be more familiar with it than perl (and might not have perl or its 
docs handy).


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