[lug] Memory Leak Detection

Stephen Queen svq at peakpeak.com
Fri Apr 1 08:00:09 MST 2005

We're using a PC104 CPU with on board ethernet. 5 years ago
when we first started using it, we had a consultant come in
and debug/modify the device driver for the ethnet
controller. When we tested it in the field, after a period
of time, the network would die. We had the same consultant
come back and trouble shoot the problem. He concluded that
we just didn't have enough memory on board, and that all we
had to do is to increase memory and the problem would be
fixed. So we did. Now after several years, we have started
noticing a pattern of obscure failure where the network dies
in an intermittant fashion.

After much testing, we can only cause the failure to occur
maybe once every two weeks. In talking it over, we are
wondering if this failure is related to the failures that we
were getting before we expanded the memory. More
specifically, we're wondering if there is a memory leak
somewhere in the code.

My question is, how would we go about doing a test for a
memory leak in this situation?

Stephen Queen

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