[lug] Re: ps on AS 2.1, 3.0

Andrew Diederich andrewdied at gmail.com
Thu Apr 21 14:07:19 MDT 2005

I've been using "ps aux" or "ps ax" to look at all my processes.  
NLD9 has different behavior than I'm used to, though.  What I've 
seen in the past is only the processes, not the individual threads.
  This was with SuSE 6.4, RH9/7.x, and problaby some others.
With NLD9, and also the Redhat 2.1/3.0 releases, I see every 
individual thread with a PID.  If I "ps fax" then it's obvious 
that I'm looking at threads, not processes.
In the ps manpage, it doesn't look like I should see the threads 
like this unless I use the H option, which I'm not using.
       -L        show threads, possibly with LWP and NLWP columns
       -T        show threads, possibly with SPID column
       -m        show threads after processes
       H         show threads as if they were processes
       m         show threads after processes
So, 1) does anyone know why this is happening?
2) Any ideas on how I make ps just show me processes?
Andrew Diederich
diederic at boulder.net

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