[lug] chkrootkit false positives, old threads versus POSIX pthreads

David Anselmi anselmi at anselmi.us
Sat Apr 23 19:01:28 MDT 2005

D. Stimits wrote:
> Also, I've noticed that all of the new install fedora machines I've seen 
> seem to run an rpc.statd on port 32768, but apparently this too is 
> valid. I'm guessing it is related to gnome and KDE (or xdm in general). 
> Can anyone tell me what exactly this port is for? [and you can bet it's 
> all firewalled]

rpc.statd is part of NFS.  It doesn't usually use a standard port but 
gets assigned one by the portmapper.  I set up a Fedora box once (a 
default desktop install) and in trying to remove stuff I didn't use 
(especially NFS, portmapper, et. al.) I got stuck because Gnome depended 
on it (the Gnome file manager could speak NFS).

I had much better results telling the installer to install as little as 
possible (and even then I removed over 100 rpms by hand).


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