[lug] Free Dell Inspiron 7000 notebook (cracked LCD)

Ted Logan ted.logan at gmail.com
Sun Apr 24 09:38:41 MDT 2005

I have an old Dell Inspiron 7000 notebook that I managed to crack the
LCD on. I'm offering it free to a good home. I ran Linux on it without
trouble, and it seems to do well with operating systems from the
Pacific Northwest as well.


The relevant specs:
 - 366 MHz processor
 - 128 megs ram
 - 4 gig hard drive, wiped clean
 - 2 PCMCIA/Cardbus slots
 - 1 USB port
 - A built-in Winmodem

In addition to the cracked LCD, the battery life is low and the DC
input has a nasty habit of becoming undone. Still, it might be
possible to find a replacement LCD on eBay, or use the computer as an
mp3 player.

Let me know if you're interested. I can bring the computer to Hacking
Society in Boulder this Thursday night.

Ted Logan
Finally-employed Engineer
ted.logan at gmail.com

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