[lug] Bittorrent getting lots of bits, but the file fills up slowly

Michael Hirsch mdhirsch at gmail.com
Thu Apr 28 20:21:03 MDT 2005

I'm having a very strange problem.  I'm using bittorrent
(btdownloadxxx.py) to get the latest mandriva distribution.  I have
comcast so I'm getting over 300 KB/s.  Great huh?  Nooooo.

The rate at which the file is growing is no where close to that.  It
is at least 10 times slower.  Although btdownload said it would take
about an hour and a half, it has taken over 10 hours so far.  It says
that there is only 6 minutes left, but an hour ago it said 15 minutes.
 This is crazy.

Anyone else ever see this?  Anyone know the cause, or even better, the solution?


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