[lug] Bittorrent getting lots of bits, but the file fills up slowly

Tony Dyson anorak at comcast.net
Thu Apr 28 23:21:57 MDT 2005

I saw similarly odd behavior occasionally with that client. Azureus 
seems to generally do a better job. You have the standard BT ports open? 
What's the seeders-to-leechers ratio?

Michael Hirsch wrote:
> I'm having a very strange problem.  I'm using bittorrent
> (btdownloadxxx.py) to get the latest mandriva distribution.  I have
> comcast so I'm getting over 300 KB/s.  Great huh?  Nooooo.
> The rate at which the file is growing is no where close to that.  It
> is at least 10 times slower.  Although btdownload said it would take
> about an hour and a half, it has taken over 10 hours so far.  It says
> that there is only 6 minutes left, but an hour ago it said 15 minutes.
>  This is crazy.
> Anyone else ever see this?  Anyone know the cause, or even better, the solution?

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