[lug] Bridging netwroks with wireless

Daniel Webb lists at danielwebb.us
Mon May 2 00:40:49 MDT 2005

On Sun, May 01, 2005 at 05:16:57PM -0600, Ken MacFerrin wrote:

> <...> and I'd recommend subscribing to www.sveasoft.com ($20) so you can use
> the development (Alchemy/Talisman) firmware as well as access the forums.  

For those who aren't up on this, a lot of people feel that supporting Sveasoft
is supporting bad behavior in the free software community.  The main Sveasoft
developer has had a lot of people's internet access cut off through false
accusations to their ISPs, because they host beta versions of the Sveasoft GPL
firmware.  According to several people (easy to find this info with Google) he
is extremely vindictive when crossed.

Others feel that he's completely within his rights to act the way he does.

Also, the idea of subscription forums strikes me as odd for a GPL project.
He's within he rights on that for sure, but I'm only going to contribute to
free and open forums.  Isn't that the whole spirit of the GPL?  With OpenWRT,
everything is open.

>From a technical standpoint, the Sveasoft firmware is probably the easiest to
use firmware, because it's just the Linksys firmware with lots of features
added.  From what I've read about it, that sounds easier than it is.

The OpenWRT firmware, from what I have read, feels more like a stripped down
Linux distribution (which is what it is).  You telnet in and operate on the
command-line.  Hopefully I'll get to play with it in a few days.

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