[lug] Bridging netwroks with wireless

Ken MacFerrin lists at macferrin.com
Mon May 2 02:40:13 MDT 2005

Daniel Webb wrote:
> On Mon, May 02, 2005 at 02:09:08AM -0600, Ken MacFerrin wrote:
>>I have 3 WRT's running the Sveasoft Alchemy distribution and one of them 
>>on the WDS link is a 2.2 version.  I've not had any issues so far.
> I'm surprised to hear this.  I've seen nothing on the linksysinfo or
> dslreports forums but bad things about version 2.2.  It's so bad that one of
> the headlines at linksysinfo.org is:
> "News of a beta firmware has given some hope for the WRT54G v2.2-v3.0 and
> WRT54GS v1.1-v2.0 users for a break through in the wirless thoughput and
> disconnection problems they have had recently."
> There are also numerous threads about this problem with hundreds of posts.  I
> didn't read every post, but read at least 100, and never saw a post from
> anyone with 2.2 who didn't have the problem.  Several people with 2.2 said
> they didn't have problems, then posted later to say that in fact they had just
> never sent large files, and when they did they crashed their routers.

I haven't tried stuffing one overly large file down the pipe the but the 
kids play Warcraft & UT2004 online on multiple PCs behind the link 
simultaneously without issues.

 From what I've read on the forums the difference is the v2 uses an 
ADM6996L LAN chip whereas the v2.2 uses a BCM5325EKQM.  The ADM chip has 
better QoS and VLAN capabilities but the BCM supports faster throughput.

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