[lug] MPlayer and ALSA

Jason Davis mohadib at openactive.org
Mon May 2 12:34:17 MDT 2005

 I am trying to compile MPlayer on box with a nforce2 chipset. I am
using ALSA for sound. XMMS and Xine work fine with ALSA. However when I 
configure MPlayer it tells me ALSA support is disabled....

mohadib at dune:~/mplayer/MPlayer-0.92$ ./configure


Config files successfully generated by ./configure !

  Install prefix: /usr/local
  Data directory: /usr/local/share/mplayer
  Config direct.: /usr/local/etc/mplayer

  Byte order: Little Endian
  Optimizing for: athlon-tbird mmx mmx2 3dnow 3dnowex mtrr

  Enabled optional drivers:
    Input: streaming edl tv mpdvdkit2 vcd
    Codecs: qtx libavcodec real dshow/dmo win32
    Audio output: esd arts oss nas sdl mpegpes(dvb)
    Video output: xvidix sdl vesa png mpegpes(dvb) fbdev svga aa opengl
dga xv x11
  Disabled optional drivers:
    Input: tv-v4l tv-bsdbt848 cdda dvdnav dvdread dvdcss smb
    Codecs: opendivx xvid libdv xanim libvorbis libmad liblzo gif
    Audio output: sgi sun alsa dxr2 win32
    Video output: bl zr dxr3 dxr2 directx gif89a jpeg ggi xmga mga
directfb tdfxfb 3dfx

any ideas?
Jason Davis <mohadib at openactive.org>

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