[lug] Blocking spam by blocking partial IP

D. Stimits stimits at comcast.net
Mon May 9 12:29:03 MDT 2005

Bill Thoen wrote:
> I have been getting about 200 spams a day, and finally decided to simply 
> block the two worst offenders by putting their partial IP's in my 
> /etc/mail/access file like so:
> 218.1   REJECT
> 222     REJECT
> This worked great. Last night's log showed lots and lots of messages 
> from these turkeys that got turned back at the door.
> However, I'm a bit concerned about blocking everything from IPs that start 
> with 222. When I check with whois, I can't get any details on who is 
> assigned to any of the subnets under 222. I don't mind blockng anybody 
> from China or Korea, but I don't want to block Japanese or Australian 
> email.
> Is there any way to discover any more details on the 222 IP other than
> it's managed by APNIC? 

I always find it to be a big pain that there is no integrated lookup 
facility, that there are so many places I have to look to get an answer. 
The closest I've found is APNIC's map of who to look for in different 
parts of the world:

If you put your mouse over the map, you'll see it links to all of the 
different primary DNS providers around the world. The list you'll be 
interested in:


D. Stimits, stimits AT comcast DOT net

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